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About Gallery X Art Collective

When you first walk into Gallery X Art Collective you will notice calming colors, soft lighting, superior air quality of  clean rooms accompanied with friendly, welcoming and knowledgeable staff. We are ready to give you an unforgettable experience to carry with you for life. In the jewelry gallery you will find stylish, elegant & exquisite body jewelry.

  State of the Art Tattoo & Piercing Studio!

Tattoo Artist

Our tattoo artists take great pride in creating original works of art. Each of our artists specialize in a different set of tattooing styles; between them, we offer traditional American & Japanese, Neo-traditional, Anime, Fine-line script or Black-and-grey. Our artists are always available for walk-ins and consultations. We take the time to create original pieces that are perfectly suited for every collector We offer a free touchup on every tattoo we do within 6 months. Our studio works at extremely high sanitation standards. We use single-use setups that are fully disposable and we use safe and environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Our Staff


We want your experience simple, gentle, & safe. The staff at Gallery X are conscious of your needs and will handle them with care. Your health & happiness is everything to us and we will do all we can to make your visit comfortable.

We believe that the most important service that we can offer is listening. Understanding that your ideas are personal to you is very impotent in giving you a positive experience. We always take the time needed to ensure that you are comfortable with your design and will help to educate you on what is a workable tattoo idea, and what will not work and why. You can call us anytime during our operating hours to schedule a free consultation.


Aseptic & Sterilization Practices 

Experiencing our cutting-edge aseptic piercing & tattooing techniques along with our state of the art sterilization practices leaving you with a memorable experience.

We use industry leading equipment like the Statim 2000G4 autoclave & the Statclean Ultrasonic for processing and sterilizing.


Visit our Q&A section on this site for a more in-depth look at our aseptic techniques and sterilization practices.


Body Piercers

Our piercing artists are very friendly, welcoming and informative. We take the time to educate each and every piercee on the entire piercing procedure. Our artists make themselves completely available through the entire healing process as well as answering any questions along the way. Your health and safety is of the utmost importance to us. For that reason, we maintain our studio at APP standards: we use an aseptic procedure and practice the most modern, up-to-date sterilization practices. We only use the highest-quality, implant-grade materials: niobium and titanium, as well as gold, platinum and palladium. We offer a wide variety of both natural and synthetic gems and stones: from Swarovski crystals to genuine diamonds. 



Tattoos $100 minimum $125 an hour


Piercings you may notice that prices are not listed. The reason for this is simple.
Our prices revolve around the jewelry that you choose.

Since we have so many amazing and unique options we could not possibly display them all.

If you want to know the final cost just stop by the shop.

We Are Always Improving You Deserve The Best And We Intend On Giving It To You.

About The Owner

Jay started his career here in western KY in 98" moving to Murray in 2000 he worked for Jerry Riegger till Jerry retired in 2013. Since then Jay took over the piercing side of the shop he has worked at for 14 years at this point Jay continues to furthering his education by attending seminars, workshops & traveling around the country shadowing & net-working with other piercers learning the safest & gentlest up-to-date practices.

Piercing in the same town for over 20 years has some amazing benefits like some of my clients I have pierced in the late 90s early 2000's now bring there kids to me for piercings and yes even a few grandkids from my first clients.   

In 2019 with over 20 years of experience he brings you Gallery X Art Collective being Murrays first up scale body jewelry gallery offering the finest jewelry.

For Jay piercing is not just a job or hobby it is an honorable career that he is very passionate about as we have the opportunity to help people through all sorts of problems like recent divorces the loss of loved ones or just having that bad day. For some having a good conversation with a friendly knowledgeable piercer is what it takes to brighten the day. We have the opportunity to change the perspective of ones self image leaving them feeling beautiful, confident and adorn with stunning jewelry that will last a lifetime even making it a family heirloom much like Grandmas finger rings or necklaces. 


Jewelry Gallery


In our jewelry gallery you can find an ever growing selection of jewelry imported from all over the world. Made from only the highest quality materials, we carry titanium, stainless steel, niobium, gold, silver, platinum, stone, glass, bone, wood, plus much more.

Gallery X Art Collective is an exclusive Industrial Strength retailer.
this means you can only purchase Industrial Strength body jewelry from our upscale body jewelry shop in the Murray area. 

We offer a wide variety of both natural and synthetic gems and stones: from Swarovski crystals to genuine diamonds. All of our jewelry is guaranteed for life by its manufacturers.


-Lifetime Guarantee-

On all gemstone settings and clarity
We have you covered. Not only is our jewelry very unique and often exclusive, but it will last you a lifetime, we guarantee it.

We carry gold from Junipurr & Buddah Jewelry everything is hand crafted from solid 14k and 18k gold and all stones are genuine or Swarovski gems.

Founded and ran by body piercers there emphasis is not only on nickel free bio compatible jewelry but practical designs that can be used for initial piercings or to add flair to existing ones.

Our organic jewelry is Elegantly hardcore and made with high quality organic materials for stretched piercings.
Diablo Organics specializes in creating unique and ornate body jewelry for stretched earlobes. Designer and founder Jimmy Buddha was inspired and driven to create alternative pieces for the ever-evolving body modification industry, and thrives to stay at the forefront of trends.

Materials include: Fossilized Mammoth Tusk, Fossilized Walrus Tusk, Warthog Tusk, Hippo Tusk, Water Buffalo Horn & Bone, Dominican and Baltic Amber, Exotic Hardwoods, Bamboo, Mother of Pearl, Semi-precious Stones, Coconut Shell and Wood, and some Metals.

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