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Jeremiah Swift

Tattoo Artist

Jeremiah Swift started tattooing in 2005 in Paducah, Ky. In 2008, he moved to Murray Kentucky, where he apprenticed under Jerry Riegger, and worked at his studio for over ten years before branching out to work at Gallery X Art Collective.

Jeremiah Swift specializes in color tattoos, but does black and grey as well- American traditional, Neo-traditional, or anything Nerd Culture(i.e:Anime,Comics,TV shows, Cartoons,Gaming ect) but can provide other styles as well.

Original/Custom drawing, or premade designs are both offered.

"I ensure a clean, safe, worry free environment for my clients, and provide multiple methods of skin care to keep your tattoo as painless as possible. Quality and comfortability are top priorty".

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